Welcome to Shaolin Qi Shi Kung Fu

Every journey starts with one small step into our world of traditional Shaolin Qi Shi Kung Fu (7 styles).

Once you have the courage to take that step, we welcome you with a martial art steeped in history and traditions. Our classes are ran by very talented and committed instructors that make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in the hall.

Once you start the lesson our family will help build on your confidence, self-belief, strong determined mindset and fitness.

Shaolin Qi Shi will become a way of life for some and improve other aspects of your life outside of club.

Family Tree

Grandmaster Dave Bircher

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Si-Gung Nigel Cawthorn

Si-Gung Paul Wilson

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Sifu Frances McMohan

Sifu Liam Roche

Sifu Luke Statters